Art Therapy

Art therapy is a way to convey feelings and emotions where thoughts and words sometimes fail us. Art communicates meaning and healing insights through symbols, intuition, colour, textures, and content. It also provides clients with a concrete expression of their process in session to take home with them if desired.

Who uses Art Therapy?

Anyone can use art therapy. Whether an individual is struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, abuse or anything else, art therapy has its place. You do not need to be a “good” artist in order to participate in art therapy since therapeutic art is about process not perfection. Art therapy is great for clients with mutism, selective mutism, or for those who prefer to have sessions with less talking. It is also a great natural method for helping young clients express things that are challenging to initially put into words.

Contact Leah Hartman if you are interested in Art Therapy as an option for counselling. She works primarily with acrylic paints, pastels and collage art. She has guest lectured at local universities about art therapy and has led art therapy workshops on grief.