Counselling Services

Individual Counselling


Through individual counselling we offer services that provide insights and teach new skills for a variety of issues (anxiety, depression, stress, eating disorders, anger, family issues, chronic pain, addiction, trauma etc.). Our goal is to better equip you or a loved one to move through whatever you, or they, are dealing with.

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Direct Neurofeedback

neurofeedack_brainDirect Neurofeedback is a great tool to help change the “stuck” patterns in the brain that hinder people from their potential. This service can be used in isolation or alongside talk therapy that often speeds up the healing journey. It can be used for a variety of issues relating to: ADD/ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, PTSD, OCD, TBI and more.

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Art Therapy

art_therapy_pastelsFor many people, growth and healing through the arts is a very powerful and safe way to explore and tangibly communicate emotions and feelings.


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Phone and Video Counselling

phone_video_counsellingFor clients unable to come into our office in person, phone or video counselling is a practical way to receive counselling services from a distance.


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